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Tom's Car Key Programmer Model TSL-1/2ND Generation Tom's Car Key Programmer Model TSL-2

I've already purchased a key from another website. Can I still rent your TSL-1/TSL-2 programmer?

How long is the rental period for TSL-1 or TSL-2 Programmer?

Will your programmer work even if I no longer have the master key?

I'm interested in buying the TSL-1/TSL-2 programmer. How much would it cost?

Is the return shipping fee provided if I am a Canadian customer?

Using Tom's Car Key Programmer™ to Program Keys and Remotes

How long does it take to program keys and remotes?

How does the programming work?

Can I really do this? Isn’t it complicated?

What if it doesn’t work?

Can I just send my keys to you?

For Simple Key Programming Kit

Do I have to go to a dealership to program my keys/FOB

How will I know if this will work on my vehicle?

No buttons work on my existing key / fob. It only turns the car on. Is that going to be a problem?

Can Simple Key Programmers be used in more than one vehicle?

Programming Not Working & Troubleshooting

What if the programmer didn't successfully work on my vehicle?

What if I encounter a problem while programming, will anyone help me fix the issue?

Warranty / Return Policy

Changes and Cancellations

Is there any convenience or restocking fee if I cancel an order?

Can I change what I order?


Can I return an item or products?

When will I receive my item?

Do I have to pay customs duty and taxes if I'm residing outside USA?

General Question

Are there any taxes on the products?

What fits for my vehicle? I can't seem to find it on your website.

Save You Money

How much does it cost?

Can you really save me money?

Money Back Guarantee

What's this money back guarantee?

Phone Assistance

Is there a phone number to call?



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