Auto-related gifts

It can be hard to think up the perfect gift for the automobile-lover in your life, short of purchasing a car. That’s why we’ve compiled this starting-line list of auto-related gifts. When trying to find a present for a friend or family member that loves to get behind the wheel, check out these ideas that will have you cruisin’ to success.



A throw-back to the mix-tape, music can be a fantastic gift. A music subscription, an MP3 player, and physical CDs are all great choices. Make sure you know what sort of music capacity the car has so you don’t accidentally purchase an option that can’t be played. For example, many cars don’t have a CD player.

Detailing and car wash memberships

What’s better than a car? A clean car! Find a trusted car wash or detailing company and purchase a membership.

Road trip plans

Depending on who you are buying the gift for, road trip plans are an exciting chance to get out on the open road and enjoy driving. If a long journey doesn’t sound appealing to you, consider a day trip or a scenic drive.

Emergency kit

We often think about emergency kits for our homes, but do you have an emergency kit for the car? Items such as first-aid supplies, non-perishable food, and toilet paper can be great additions to the kit. Make sure that anything included is safe and smart to leave in the car, no matter the temperature outside.

License plate cover

License plate covers are an easy, quick way to personalize a car. Covers can be used to convey a message, remind the owner of a vacation, or add a touch of style.

Spare key holder

There are several types of spare key holders, designed to be hidden on the outside of the car. For example, some holders are magnetic so they can be attached to the underside.

Mats or seat covers

It’s dangerous to purchase any stylized gift unless you know the style and preferences of the person for which you are buying. However, mats and seat covers are a great present because they give the interior a face-lift while protecting the car. If you are concerned about whether or not the person will like it, give them a gift card to be able to choose their own mats and covers.

Safety gear

Does your friend need jumper cables or a jump starter? Or maybe snow chains and a top-of-the-line ice scraper would be better. Either way, knowing they will be safe will be a comfort.

Personalized keyring

Personalized keyrings can be purchased or created by hand. Take a picture of your family to turn into a key ring or make one of your own design.

Spare key kit

Spare keys are an often overlooked, essential asset that can be a lifesaver in a pinch. Our key programming kits are easy to work with and cost-efficient. This is a gift your friend or loved one will be grateful for every time they lose their keys or get locked out of their car. Check to see if we service your loved one or friend’s vehicle and order them a key kit today. If you don’t see the vehicle on the list, add it to our suggested keys here and sign up for our updates. If you need additional help, or to ask a question, email or meet us on Facebook