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2012-2017 Toyota Camry Smart Proximity Key, Push Button Start Keyless Remote FOB (HYQ14FBA-4B-G0020-FOB-LOGO)

2012-2017 Toyota Camry Smart Proximity Key, Push Button Start Keyless Remote FOB (HYQ14FBA-4B-G0020-FOB-LOGO)

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Tom’s Toyota Key Programmer™ Model TSL-2 is guaranteed to program this Smart Proximity Key (keyless remote FOB) for the following vehicles:

Toyota Avalon 2013-2018 (push-button start)
Toyota Camry 2012-2017 (push-button start)
Toyota Corolla 2014-2019 (push-button start)
Toyota Corolla LE Premium Package (US Built) 2020 
Toyota Corolla SE / XSE / XLE (US Built) 2020 

NOTE: This Smart Key Fob needs to be unlocked first before getting programmed.

How to Unlock this Key:

1) First press and hold the LOCK, UNLOCK, and TRUNK buttons at the same time until the indicator light turns on. after the indicator is on, release the TRUNK button.

2) Keep pressing the LOCK and UNLOCK buttons. After the light is off, press the TRUNK button again. Then the light is on and release the TRUNK button.

3) Repeat the second step 10 times or more until the indicator light flashes continuously, then you can release 3 buttons.

4) After the indicator light stops, the smart card is unlocked.

Important: When you are ready to program this key please hold the key right next to the Push to Start button for at least 30 seconds before the programming procedure. 


  • Brand new smart proximity key (keyless remote fob) for Toyota Camry and select Toyota vehicles with a 4 button remote. 
  • 4 Buttons (Lock, Unlock, Trunk, Panic)
  • Replacement for part numbers: 89904-06140
  • Note: remote has a Toyota logo
  • FCC ID Number: HYQ14FBA
  • Board: G Board 0020


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