Nissan & INFINITI 4 Button Smart Key Fob for Select Vehicles (NISSK4SK-4B-FOB)
Nissan & INFINITI 4 Button Smart Key Fob for Select Vehicles (NISSK4SK-4B-FOB)

Nissan & INFINITI 4 Button Smart Key Fob for Select Vehicles (NISSK4SK-4B-FOB)

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include key cutting service

The Nissan & INFINITI Simple Key™ programmer is guaranteed to program this smart key fob for the following vehicles:

Compatible Vehicles:


INFINITI EX 2008-2013
INFINITI FX 2009-2013
INFINITI G25 2011-2012
INFINITI G35 2007-2008
INFINITI G37 2008-2013
INFINITI Q60 2014-2015
INFINITI QX50 2014-2017
INFINITI QZ70 2014-2017


Nissan 370Z 2009-2018
Nissan Altima 2-Door 2008-2014  (automatic transmission only - NOT manual)
Nissan Altima 4-Door 2007-2012  (automatic transmission only - NOT manual)
Nissan Maxima 2009-2014
Nissan Murano 2009-2014


  • Brand new smart key fob with 4 button remote keyless entry for select Nissan vehicles.
  • Smart fob can easily be programmed by purchasing this Nissan & INFINITI Simple Key™ programmer.
  • 4 button remote head key with LOCK, UNLOCK, TRUNK, and PANIC buttons. 
    • Note: Programmer can not add new functions to your vehicle - if your vehicle's original fob had 3 buttons, only the LOCK, UNLOCK, and PANIC buttons will work when programmed.
  • Emergency key must be cut after programming.
    • Cut at your local locksmith, hardware store, dealership, or other key cutting retailer
  • Key does NOT have a Nissan logo
  • Replacement for FCC ID: KR55WK48903, KR55WK49622 
  • The included emergency key blade should be cut. Our Key By Photo™ service can save you the hassle of looking for a locksmith to cut the key.
    • Tom's Key Company strongly recommends cutting the emergency key in case your vehicle or the remote battery dies.
  • Replacement for part numbers:   285E3-JA05A, 285E3-JA02A, 285E3-JA000, 285E3-JK62A and more
  • Full money back guarantee if it does not work for vehicles listed in this description with this Nissan & INFINITI Simple Key™ programmer.
  • Will NOT work on vehicles with a traditional "turn key" start ignition

Questions?  Email for help from our AMAZING customer service team!


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