Our Simple Solution To Program Your Own Car Key Fobs Without Paying High Prices

Our Simple Solution To Program Your Own Car Key Fobs Without Paying High Prices - Tom's Key Company

Lost Car Keys?

You’re having a fun day at the beach with your family, working on your tan while the kids play in the sand. You glance up from your book and see little Timmy drop the car keys into the moat surrounding his sand castle.

It wasn’t long ago that a lost car key wasn’t a big deal, a quick trip to locksmith with your spare and viola, you’re back on the road with a spare key at home. But in today’s world of keyless entry fobs, keys with transponder chips, for added security, remote starting, and push-button starting, losing your key can be an expensive disaster!

Our Simple Solution to Lost Car Key Fobs and Remotes

Car dealerships are charging hundreds of dollars to program new fobs and keys. Even locksmiths are charging way too much for this service, which is why we at Tom’s Key Company have developed a way for you to program your own car key fobs and remotes for a fraction of the dealership prices!

The programming is simple and easy, you don’t need a degree in computer science and you won’t even need to find a teenager to help you either. If you can put a tape into your 8-track, you can do this. And if you’re too young to know what a 8-track tape is, we’re confident you’ll be fine too!

If you want to get an idea of how easily you can program your own car key fobs, then watch this helpful video:

At Tom’s Key Company we are laser focused on saving you money, and so we offer free shipping and a money back guarantee. Make sure to check the list of vehicle manufacturers we currently support, if we haven’t gotten to your vehicle make, drop us a note using this FORM.

Get your new car key fob or remote through Tom's Key Company and program it yourself using Tom's Car Key Programmer™!

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