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Did you get a new, used car and only get one key with it?

You've saved money on purchasing a second-hand car, now it's time to save money on getting a spare key for it. Tom's makes it quick, easy, and convenient so you can skip the dealership prices on a spare.

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Getting and programming your spare key for your preloved car has never been easier.

Go ahead, what are you waiting for? Your new, used car needs another key.

Still not convinced? Here's what other new, used car buyers are saying about us:

Raul G.

Highly Recommended!

"Worked great - easy to understand instructions, came with all equipment, the return process was straightforward, and communication from the company was good.

With so many car manufacturers, I'm sure it's not easy to have 100% coverage but, with my 2014 Toyota 4Runner, it worked perfectly."

Robin H.

Thank you. Thank you.

"Between the enclosed instruction manual and the online video tutorial, programming an extra key fob for my daughter's car was SO easy!!

I'm so relieved to have this done without spending time and too much money at a Nissan dealership."

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