5 places to hide your spare car key

5 places to hide your spare car key - Tom's Key Company
Just as important as owning a spare key is finding a safe place to store it. You need a location that isn’t obvious or easily forgotten and is simple to access in case of an emergency. At the moment where you need your spare key, you don’t want to jump through hoops just to get to your hidden location.
When figuring out the best place to hide your key, also take into account who else you might ask to retrieve the key for you. For example, if you may ask a friend to get the key, you might want to keep the key in a spot that doesn’t give the friend access to other keys or personal information.

Check out the following ideas for places to hide your spare car key.


Behind the license plate

While it might take a minute to remove the license plate to retrieve a key, you’ll always know the spare is close. This only works with completely flat keys that won’t get ruined by the elements. Make sure that your key is secured well so that there isn’t a chance it will fall out.
It’s important to note that we do mean that the key should be behind the license plate and not beneath it. When people try to hide their keys in the license place or bumper area, it can be an obvious thing. The idea with hidden spots is that no one can walk up to your car and automatically see where your key is.

In a magnetic box

There are several magnetic boxes and mini-vaults designed to stick to your car. The tricky part is finding a place where the box won’t be obvious to passersby or accidentally get knocked to the ground when the car hits a bump. Search for a private place on your vehicle where any build-up of snow or mud won’t cause you to be unable to reach your key.
Some boxes have combination locks on them so that even if someone does find your hideaway box, they hopefully won’t be able to open it without you.

At a trusted friend’s house

This option might make the key a little harder to retrieve, but at least you know there won’t be a chance of it being stolen from your car. Make sure that your friend is trustworthy and not hard to get a hold of in case you need your spare key.

Inside a hitch vault

A hitch vault is exactly what it sounds like: a vault that goes on your hitch. It’s designed to be a secure extension of your car. Make sure to research the particular brand of vault you are looking to buy to see what other customers have said about their experiences. If the vault is anything less than secure, then it isn’t for you.

In a safe

There are several types of safes you can use. Safes that connect to your car or truck on the outside, personal safes in your home, and even a safety deposit box can be a great option to help store your emergency keys. Use what access to safes you already have.
If you don’t own a safe, but want to keep the key in your home, just make sure you choose a hiding spot that is memorable for you but won’t be obvious to others.

Not under a rock

Wherever you choose to hide your key, don’t make it a place that’s so cliché, it’s obvious. For example: under a rock or a potted plant by your front door. Also, don’t keep the spare key in your car. While some people may think this is a good idea, it isn’t. A thief will check your glove compartment.

Don’t have a spare key to hide? Check to see if we service your vehicle and order a spare key programming kit. For any additional help, or to ask a question, email help@tomskey.com or follow us on Facebook

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