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Introduction to Acura TL Keys

Driving an Acura TL is quite a lush experience, but have you ever paused to take a closer inspection of the key that empowers all this motoring glamour? It's much more than just an entry-and-start device! In this guide, we'll delve deep into the importance and functionality of your Acura TL key fob - the vault that keeps your car safe and kicked up in style.


A brief overview of the Acura TL model and its key system

To begin, let us whet your automotive appetite with the Acura TL itself. This upscale sports sedan from the stables of Honda Motors has been prized for its versatile drive options and sought-after plush features common to luxury cars. However, one component remains particularly intriguing – yes, you've guessed it: The Acura TL keys!

These are not just traditional 'start-you-go' technology but are equipped with advanced systems possessing remote control capabilities among others. Quite stunning isn't it?

Importance of having functional and secure keys for the Acura TL

Certainly, beyond merely allowing access or ignition start to your car, modern car keys are significant pillars towards ensuring vehicle security and additional comfort functions like trunk release or window roll-up - And thus arises the need for their maintenance.

And what better way to achieve security if not through familiarity? Join me as we wander deeper into this topic exploring aspects related to the world of Acura's kingpin—the indomitable and sophisticatedly designed, yet mystifyingly underappreciated—Acura TL Key Fob.

Overview of Key Fobs Found for the Acura TL

Key fobs command a superior position when talking about unprecedented convenience levels in modern autos. But what exactly makes them stand out?

Description of various key fobs including blank keys, remote control transmitters, and emergency keys

For the Acura TL, key fobs come in several unique forms: blank keys that you'd need to get cut for your car's specific ignition system; distributors with remote controls for unlocking/locking and/or panic alarm activation purposes; along with supplementary emergency keys meant solely as backup during those unfavorable occasions when regular units fail or go missing. 

Detailed information on keyless entry remote key fobs

Speaking of the crème de la crème of fob technology - the Keyless Entry Remote Fob! This innovative contraption employs encoded radio signals to perform various operations most traditionally done by direct contact with the car—talk about efficient remoteness enhancing convenience. With it, activities like ignition start-up and vehicle security are now a joyous breeze courtesy of compact hardware that comfortably fits within your palm.

My friend, together we'll unravel more secrets behind this astounding dimensional leap from traditional automotive access methods made possible through the mighty Acura TL key fob. Stay tuned!

Acura TL Key Fobs

Overview of Key Fobs Found for the Acura TL

In the realm of driving luxury, Acura has stamped its authoritative mark with the classic and elegant models it manufactures. Among them, one that particularly stands out is the stunningly crafted Acura TL model. More than just a car, it’s an experience augmented by the complementing features especially embedded within its keys.

At first glance, different types of acura key fobs might look uniform but they are ingeniously designed to vary in function and utility. The common ones include blank keys which form basic entry tools, remote control transmitters that bring keyless operation convenience, and emergency keys that come into their element when you find yourself in unexpected circumstances such as losses or breakages.

When we plunge further into this rich variety, another notable category is revealed: the keyless entry remote key fobs. There's something about these particular types of keys – their innovative blend of usability and sophistication simply takes your interaction with your beloved Acura to sky-high levels.

Description of Various Key Fobs Including Blank Keys, Remote Control Transmitters, and Emergency Keys

Now let's delve deeper into these remarkable key types:


  • Blank keys: This is essentially an uncut piece waiting to be professionally Laser-Cut with a unique pattern matching your car's lock configuration. It’s like a canvas waiting to become part of your compelling car ownership story.
  • Remote control transmitters: These take assistance to another level by providing a way to perform operations without trivial manual efforts. From opening doors from a distance or starting up your engine on cold winter mornings while still tucked in bed, these work wonders!
  • Emergency keys: Equipped in situations where one might misplace or lose their original set; they can become instant lifesavers! Having an adept backup solution could easily rescue you from potential stress-inducing situations.

Detailed Information on Keyless Entry Remote Key Fobs

Moreover, the crown jewel among Acura keys is doubtlessly the keyless entry remote fob. Its appeal lies not only in its elegant and compact structure but also in bringing secure access and command to your car without any physical contact.

Through a simple press of buttons, this spectacular device can lock or unlock doors, open trunks, initiate panic alarms, and even start engines! Integrated with an encrypted coding system, it ensures that security breaches have no room in your Acura experience.

As you journey with your Acura TL model, its key stands as a consistent partner enhancing both convenience and security. Whether you opt for a traditional blank key or choose to luxuriate with the capabilities of a remote transmitter or a keyless entry fob - each key type possesses unique attributes suiting varied user preferences. 

In conclusion, driving an Acura isn’t about mere transportation — it’s more akin to having control of a symphony where the keys play an integral part in orchestrating everything harmoniously.

Acura TL Key Fob Replacement

Understanding when and how to accomplish an Acura TL key fob replacement is a necessary skill for any Acura owner. Particularly, as it not only prevents you from being stranded due to a non-functioning key fob, but also saves you costs that can result from seeking professional help every time your key wears out.

Firstly, let's consider the signals that might suggest the need for a replacement. These indicators might range from irregularities in opening your car doors remotely to unresponsiveness in starting the engine through the remote starter feature. Keep in mind, however, that such issues can often be resolved by simply changing the battery of your key fob which is both economical and straightforward to do.

To give context, let me explain what a key fob represents. Essentially, it's a wireless remote-controlled device designed mainly for accessing and controlling various functionalities of automobiles—from unlocking doors to starting engines without manual ignition—and has become more prevalent with advanced automobile models like our subject matter: The Acura TL

When replacing your Acura TL Key Fob:


  1. Begin by purchasing original equipment manufacturer (OEM) key fobs. They guarantee product quality and compatibility.
  2. Once purchased, follow the instructions present within the owner's manual on programming new keys correctly.

Commonly used methods include 'On-board Programming'—which usually involves actions of turning the car ignition on and off multiple times or inserting and removing keys followed by pressing some buttons on remotes until a certain visibility change like flashlights is observed—or 'professional locksmith’ where trained experts who possess special equipment program your new keys flawlessly.

Avoid unauthorized dealers or promotional deals offering unbelievably cheap prices as these tend to compromise product reliability.

This section would be incomplete if I didn't point out potential avenues one could explore toward getting Acura TL key fob replacements near their location:

For many auto owners, local dealerships serve as the go-to solution. Most dealerships possess in-house key-making and programming services with technicians specialized in their brand of vehicles. However, this convenience often comes at a cost - frequently being the pricier option.

Alternatively, auto locksmiths present another viable option. These trained professionals can create and program an Acura TL keyless entry remote control for you. 

Irrespective of your final choice remember: Quality is paramount! The longevity and proper functioning of your fob replacement could depend heavily on it. So, go out there confidently equipped with these insights to get that perfect Acura TL key fob replacement you so deserve!

Key Programming and Fitment for Acura TL Keys

Programming a key fob to any vehicle, including your treasured 2012 Acura TL is not as daunting as it appears. With the right guidance, optimal fitment can be achieved, ensuring that your car's security and functionality are in top form.

Tom's Key Programming Alternatives

Explore exclusive offers from Tom's Key Company, tailored for our customers seeking new key programming for their Acura TL. Our expert services ensure a seamless and efficient experience, making key replacement hassle-free.

Acura TL 2007-2008

Acura TL 2009 - 2014

Acura TL 2009 - 2014 (Push Button Start)

Step-by-step Guide on Programming Acura TL Keys for Optimal Fitment

Understanding the process of programming Acura TL keys effectively will save you both time and unnecessary hassle. Below are detailed steps you can follow:


  1. Get inside your Acura TL: This is where all the magic happens - prepare for programming by finding a comfy spot behind your steering wheel.
  2. Lock the doors: You should activate manual locking, leveraging your driver's door lock button.
  3. Insert the Key In Ignition Slot: Do this twice within one second but avoid cranking up the engine – that step comes later!
  4. Open Then Close Driver’s Door: Repeat this once without delay, making sure to completely shut the door at each stage.
  5. Turn Key Back to 'On' Position: Another twist of the key to get things moving - remember to stop before ignition though.
  6. Push Door Lock Button Again: As you did earlier, push the lock button on your driver's door once.

Finally, if everything went according to plan, your car doors should make a locking and unlocking sound confirmation – signifying successful key cut programming! This means that both your transponder chip have been recognized by the immobilizer system

Importance of Verifying Fitment for Key Replacements

Now just because you have successfully programmed your new 2012 Acura TL key fob doesn't mean our journey ends here. An often overlooked yet essential step is verifying optimal fitment when replacing keys.

A perfectly fitted key ensures solid contact with internal connections: crucial for relaying instructions from your fob to car doors. Without proper fitment, you could experience key failure - a situation no car owner wants to find themselves in.

In addition to this, good fitment prevents unnecessary wear and tear on the ignition system, prolongs battery life, and could potentially save you a trip to the locksmith for another replacement.

Common Issues with Improper Key Programming

Sadly, not all roads to successful programming are smooth driving. Improper key programming often leads to issues that could range from simple inconveniences like decreased remote range or sluggish response times, right through to motor security threats including failed door lock operations.

And if things take a turn for the worse? Completely dysfunctional keys are another potential outcome of incorrect programming. A scenario where your 2012 Acura TL looks pristine yet stays stationary due to unusable keys is far from ideal.

Remember though: effective troubleshooting lies in knowing exactly what could go wrong. So keep these common pitfalls in mind as valuable signposts that will lead you toward a well-programmed key fob for your Acura TL.

Exploring Related Acura TL Parts for Comprehensive Key Solutions

Just as a perfectly crafted timepiece relies on the union of countless individual components, the Acura TL key system thrives when complemented by related parts harmoniously working together. We'll go through some pertinent parts in this section that are integral to maximizing your car key experience.

Overview of related parts that complement the Acura TL key system

To kick things off, let's discuss three major components associated with your Acura TL keys: the ignition switch, wiring harness, and anti-theft module. 


  • The ignition switch forms the backbone of your vehicle's start-up process—it accepts your key input and signals other parts to power up.
  • The wiring harness connects various components and enables information transfer between them, including signals from your key fob. It’s essentially like the nervous system of your car.
  • Finally, an anti-theft module, an added layer of security provided by many manufacturers today, interacts directly with your key fob—a crucial feature to protect against potential thefts.

Discussion on how different parts work together for seamless functionality

The beauty lies in their amalgamation — how these disparate items achieve seamless functionality together. To illustrate this intricate dance, let me walk you through what happens when you insert a traditional key or use a modern wireless transmitter:

Using a conventional car key might seem simple on its surface; it goes into the ignition switch, and you turn it. However, behind this seemingly straightforward action is a complex sequence. Once inserted and turned, the ignition switch communicates via the wiring harness to multiple subsystems simultaneously—activating fuel and electrical systems while disengaging any safety locks.

Similarly yet distinctively with wireless transmitters (aka 'key fobs'), instead of engaging physically with an ignition switch, they send unique coded signals read by onboard computers within range—provided by none other than the wiring harness. If and only if this code aligns with the anti-theft module, permission is granted for start-up, doors to unlock, or lights to playfully blink.

Thus, understanding related parts that complement your Acura TL key system helps uncover the fascinating world hidden behind a seemingly simple button push or key turn. Each part contributes significantly towards creating an efficient, safe, and enjoyable driving experience.

Keyless Entry Remote Controls for Various Acura Models

As an Acura owner and enthusiast, it's important to note that each model has a unique key fob design. Yes, the technology largely remains consistent, but the aesthetic component and functional elements change with every Acura variant.

Comparison of Keyless Entry Remote Controls: TSX, CL, RL, MDX, RDX, ZDX & ILX

It’s fascinating how these different models have varied features for their keyless entry remote controls. Let's delve deeper into this:


  1. TSX: The TSX model is typically equipped with a four-button OEM FSK315 key fob that conveniently exhibits functions like lock/unlock doors and trunk release. It uses smart tech that caters to comfort and security.
  2. CL: Unlike most models, the CL employs a square-ish body design on its key fob. It utilizes Frequency 315 MHz type keys housing all essential car access at your fingertips.
  3. RL: For the RL series, you get to enjoy the sleek oval-shaped three-button FCC ID OUCG8D-387H-A key fobs which offer seamless control over your vehicle.
  4. MDX: The brand reveals its experimental side with the five-button KR5TXNA234 keys used in the MDX model; they feature elegantly curved edges offering a host of functionalities such as engine start/stop freely without using physical keys.
  5. RDX: Notably distinct is the 2015 Acura RDx key fob; it embraces compactness while ensuring comfortable handling thanks to its basic square shape - Functional Simplicity!
  6. ZDX & ILX: Both are fitted with rounded-edge remotes which indirectly prioritize ease-of-use considering one rarely struggles to find buttons due to their spacious arrangements!

Detailed Features and Compatibility of Keyless Entry Remotes

The Acura series key fobs primarily consist of a few basic features such as lock/unlock controls, trunk release, and panic alarm - the bread and butter functions for any modern vehicle. 

More innovative models feature 'Smart Entry' where drivers can keep their keys in their pocket while they automatically unlock upon approaching and lock when leaving the proximity of the vehicle.

Consider also that while each remote carries unique identifiers like FCC IDs, ICs, or frequency numbers, some may share partial compatibility because of certain overlapping tech requisites (e.g., an RDX's remote might be programmable to an MDX).

On top of ensuring the physical match, cross-checking your key’s FCC ID is essential to avoid compatibility issues. Always consult with a recognized dealership or professional locksmith services before programming non-native keys into your car system.

Remember: It’s not only about having a functional key; it goes beyond owning one designed specifically for your ride!

Customer Reviews and Testimonials on Acura TL Keys

In this section, we dive into customer feedback to provide a deeper understanding of user experiences with Acura TL keys. Through these reviews and testimonials, potential buyers can gauge the performance, reliability, and effectiveness of these keys.

Compilation of customer feedback on their experiences with Acura TL keys

Many customers noted that their Acura TL key fobs have proven to be durable and reliable. One user commented on how his key fob has stood up to several years of daily use without any issues. Others praised the key for its excellent range when unlocking or starting the car remotely.

However, some users encountered challenges with their keys. For example, a handful mentioned difficulties in programming their new fobs. For some, battery life was a concern as they had to replace their batteries more frequently than expected.

Real-world examples of customer satisfaction or concerns

A specific real-life instance comes from an Acura TL owner named Mark from Florida. He shared that he was able to seamlessly program his new key fob using the instructions provided by the manufacturer – contrary to some earlier concerns he had about doing this task himself.

On a contrasting note is Emma from New Jersey's account. Despite her satisfaction with the overall performance of her key fob, she expressed disappointment about having to replace the battery within six months of purchase.

From these diverse experiences, it becomes clear that while Acura TL keys are generally reliable and user-friendly, individual experiences can vary widely based on circumstances such as usage habits or original product batches. As such, prospective buyers should factor in both the positive reports and recognized areas for improvement when considering purchasing an Acura TL Key Fob.


Tips for Secure Key Handling and Maintenance

Your Acura TL key fob is not merely an accessory; it's a vital tool that empowers you to operate your car effectively. As such, it should be treated with care, handled properly, and maintained regularly. Now, let me empower you further by sharing some best practices for ensuring the security and longevity of your Acura TL keys.

Best Practices for Key Security

Key security is critical as it directly influences the safety level of your vehicle. 


  1. Always Have a Spare: It's advisable to always have a spare key at your disposal. This mitigates any inconvenience if your primary key gets lost or malfunctioning.
  2. Proper Storage: Never leave your keys unattended in public areas or easily accessible places at home to avoid theft.
  3. Regular Checks: Regularly inspect your key fob for damages or signs of wear that could prevent proper functioning.
  4. Avoid Exposure to Water: While most key fobs are designed to resist mild moisture, they aren't entirely waterproof. Avoid prolonged contact with water which may cause electronic damage.

Maintaining Your Key Fob and Preventing Issues

Performing regular maintenance can prolong the lifespan of your Acura TL keys and prevent issues down the road.


  1. Battery Replacement - One essential aspect of maintaining a healthy Acura TL key fob battery relates to its size and type which corresponds uniquely with specific models like the 2008 Acura TL key fob battery system requiring a CR1616 lithium battery. So keep this in mind while replacing one.
  2. Cleanliness Is Key: Dirt buildup can affect buttons' responsiveness on the FOB. Clean them gently using alcohol wipes without causing any harm to electrical components.
  3. Professional Inspection: In case of malfunctions beyond DIY fixes, seek professional guidance from authorized service centers or locksmiths skilled in handling the complex machinery of keys.

Remember, protecting and maintaining your Acura TL key fob doesn't have to be a daunting task. These simple practices can make a significant difference over time. And when it comes down to it, taking proper care of your car keys is just one more way you maintain control over your vehicle – so why not make the most of it?

Purchasing Options and Recommendations for Acura TL Key Replacements

When the time comes to replace your Acura TL key fobs, it's crucial to choose a reliable source. Remember, going cheap might cost you more in the future. 

Guide on Where to Purchase Genuine and Reliable Acura TL Key Replacements

Predominantly, there are three pathways available when it comes to purchasing genuine and reliable replacements for your Acura TL key.


  1. Authorized Dealerships: This option is arguably the safest as dealerships are equipped with original parts directly from the manufacturer. However, it can be quite expensive compared to other alternatives.
  2. Locksmith Services: These professionals specialize in providing and programming car keys, ensuring reliability at a fair price.
  3. Online Retailers (Amazon, eBay): It's possible to find both OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) and quality aftermarket replacements online. The benefit of using this method is convenience; however, you must exercise caution so as not to fall into scams or receive substandard items.

Recommendations on Trusted Sources for Quality Key Fobs

Choosing between these options heavily relies on your circumstance – taking into account factors like budget constraints and personal preference.

-In terms of quality assurance coupled with cost-effectiveness - a reputable locksmith service takes precedence.


  • If financial resources aren't an issue and peace of mind is paramount – head towards a dealership.
  • Lastly, if convenience ranks highest on your list WITH careful due diligence – consider online retailers such as Amazon or eBay but pay attention while selecting sellers.

Remember that every pathway requires responsibility! Whether you're buying from a dealership or choosing online shopping options – be attentive in verifying their genuineness before making any purchase decisions!

Your key fob plays a critical role in granting access and starting up your beloved Acura TL - invest wisely!

Key Fob Customization and Personalization Options

Small details, like customizing your Acura TL key fob, can add a sense of individuality to your driving experience. A unique key fob not only stands out but also indirectly communicates the pride you take in owning an Acura TL car.

Creative ways to customize and personalize Acura TL key fobs

Adding personal flair to your key fobs essentially helps reflect your style. Whether it's something as simple as a pop of color or complex like engravings, each method creates a distinctive appearance tailored specifically for you.

Remember that any modifications should not interfere with the functionality of the keys. As such, always entrust such tasks to professionals who comprehend the subtleties involved.

While there are numerous customization ideas, let’s delve into specifics; color options, engravings, and accessories:

Color Options:

Foregrounding this category is adding a splash of color to your key fob. It's common to see black or grey standard key fobs. However, if you yearn for uniqueness or easy identification from other keys, consider opting for different-colored rubber or silicone protective cases. These come in various finishes including matte and glossy textures.


Adding an engraved monogram or symbol gives your key fob that premium appeal. Sophisticated engraving techniques stamp initials, pet symbols, and zodiac signs among others markings on different areas of the key without affecting its performance. Since this is permanent customization work, thoughtfully choose symbols that have lasting personal value to avoid regrets later on.

Key Fob Accessories:

The inclusion of quality well-crafted accessories can accentuate aesthetics while offering added protection against scratches or falls. A few examples include elegant leather pouches which provide a robust defense against everyday wear and tear or clip-on charms in multiple designs from cute animal figures to sports team logos that best resonate with your personality.

In short, exploring customization options offers an opportunity to weave uniqueness into the otherwise standard Acura TL key fob. Not only does it enhance distinction but also adds a personal touch to your ownership experience.

Ensuring Compatibility with Older Acura TL Models

One of the key aspects to consider when getting a replacement for your Acura TL key is ensuring compatibility. This is crucial, especially bearing in mind that there were significant changes in the design and construction of keys across different models and years.

Let's take, for instance, the 2004 Acura TL key fob features three buttons - lock, unlock, and panic. It required certain specific programming steps to get it operational. But as we move on to later models such as the 2005 acura tl key and 2006 Acura TL key, we observe some changes. These technologies evolved with enhancements in security mechanisms and comfort features.

In this regard, it's important for owners of older models like the 2004 model not to interchange their keys with those meant for later models like that of 2010; the difference might appear negligible at face value but a deeper look reaffirms how unique these keys are built specifically in sync with their respective vehicle’s system architecture.

When considering a replacement:


  1. Always verify if the replacement will work appropriately with your car's actual year make.
  2. Choose only trusted suppliers or dealers who can assure you of compatibility before purchase.
  3. Ideally, seek professional assistance when programming new keys to ensure accurate syncing with your car’s built-in systems.

Remember, focusing solely on universal fitment could lead to potential issues down the line so taking these precautions would save you from unnecessary hitches along the way while enabling smooth operation of your beloved Acura TL!


Allow me to address some of the most common inquiries surrounding Acura TL keys. 

How much does it cost to replace the key in an Acura TL?

Replacing a key for your Acura TL typically falls within a range of $200 to $400. This estimate includes both parts and labor actions such as cutting and programming the new key. However, please note that prices can fluctuate based on numerous variables like region, dealership pricing, or year of your Acura model.

How do you start an Acura TL with a key fob?

Starting an Acura TL using a key fob is quite straightforward:


  1. Get inside your vehicle and close all doors.
  2. Press the ‘Lock’ button on your Fob.
  3. Subsequently, press and hold the ‘Engine Start’ button for at least one second but not more than ten seconds.

The engine should start after these steps. It’s designed this way, so starting your vehicle remains a snug activity with just two presses away.

How much does it cost to program a key for Acura?

Programming costs fluctuate depending mostly on where you get it done. To give an idea, dealerships might charge anywhere between $50 and $90 while automotive locksmiths could offer slightly less costly alternatives ranging from $40-$80 per assignment.

Again remember that prices may vary significantly based on location or provider's pricing policy among other factors.

Why would the auto door locks not work on an Acura TL?

Auto door locks might fail to operate due to various reasons including:


  • Blown fuse: Check if there is a blown fuse that needs replacing.
  • Damaged wiring: Electrical faults within the internals can cause this issue.
  • Depleted Key Fob Battery: The batteries could be drained out which doesn’t supply enough power for remote connectivity,
  • Malfunctions in actuators—the mechanical components essentially responsible for locking and unlocking actions.

Consulting with a professional mechanic is advisable if you face this problem.

How do I enter the radio code of Acura TL?

The procedure to enter your Acura TL's radio code is as follows:


  1. Switch on your vehicle while ensuring that the radio is turned off.
  2. Hold down the numbers 1 and 6 simultaneously, then turn on your radio.
  3. You will see a U followed by four digits (write them down), and then an L followed by another string of four numbers (also note them).
  4. The eight-digit number you documented, combined from both sets of digits, is what’s referred to as your audio or navigation serial number. 

In case it doesn't work or seems too complex, you should visit an authorized dealership for support.

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