Avoid a Nightmare:
5 Reasons a Spare Key Will Save You Time

Avoid a Nightmare: <br />5 Reasons a Spare Key Will Save You Time - Tom's Key Company

Owning a spare key can make all the difference between an expensive, painstaking ordeal and a barely noticeable blip in your schedule. Because drivers can’t prevent every key emergency, it isn’t a matter of if a spare key will be needed, but when.

The following are 5 common reasons to do your future self a favor and get a spare key. Making this decision now means that you can take advantage of getting the extra key on your own timing and convenience instead of suffering through an emergency while unprepared.

The main key is lost

Losing a key is more than a nuisance, it’s a costly mistake that can mess up any plans that require a car. Replacing that new key at the dealership will burn a hole in your wallet, which is why Tom’s Key Company’s reasonably-priced do-it-yourself spare key service is so valuable. Some dealerships charge over six hundred dollars ($600) to make a key, not including additional fees such as the cost of towing the car to the dealership. Most of Tom’s Key Company customers get a spare key and programming equipment for around one hundred dollars, depending on the vehicle.

When a driver has a spare key, they have options. It’s easy to grab the extra key and continue with plans. There’s no reason to panic about needing to get to an appointment or having to find an alternative ride.

Multiple drivers use the same vehicle

If each driver owns a key, transportation and getting into the car in an emergency is simplified. Any time one of the drivers needs to use the car or pick it up from a location other than home, not needing to coordinate the transfer of a key is an asset. Also, a shared key is easier to misplace because several people are handling it.

The keys are locked in the car

It’s easy to leave the vehicle only to realize the keys are still in the ignition. Without a spare key, you may have to wait hours for a road-side service or locksmith. Both of these options cost money and have the potential to harm your door. A locked car can also be dangerous if there is a helpless person or beloved pet inside the vehicle. In this case, without a spare key, you may have to take drastic measures.

“In the event of an emergency where a person or an animal is locked in the car, dial 911 immediately,” suggests Popular Mechanics. “If help doesn’t arrive soon and you have to break the window, do so as safely as possible. Choose a window away from any occupants. If you have tape of any kind, use it to cover as much of the window as you can, as this will keep the glass somewhat together when it is broken. Safely remove as much glass as possible once the window is broken.”

Several accessories, such as a magnetic box, allow drivers to keep a spare key attached to the outside of the car. If the driver has immediate access to a spare key, there is no reason to call a locksmith or break a window.

Someone needs to borrow the keys

Using a second key when lending a vehicle is a smart choice just in case the borrower loses the key.

Even if a driver doesn’t lend their car to friends or family, there are plenty of common reasons someone else may need to borrow the keys. It’s standard for mechanics to ask for the keys when they need to work with a car. Also, valets will need the key for parking. Having an extra key for auto services ensures the power to enter and drive your car is always with you.

Plans are threatened by key emergencies

Some emergencies have nothing to do with a misplaced key. If the batteries fail or the fob breaks, a spare can be used until the key can be fixed.

Emergencies are common, but ordering a spare key through Tom’s Key Company is effortless and affordable. Just look up your vehicle on our website and order one of our simple, do-it-yourself programming kits. If we don’t currently service your vehicle, let us know and make sure to sign up for our updates–we are always working to expand our vehicle coverage. Having problems finding what you need? Email help@tomskey.com.

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