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Don't Pay Dealership Prices! - Tom's Key Company

The Problem: Need New Car Keys

We’ve all had that moment. We reach into our pocket and the keys aren’t there. You retrace your steps to try to find your keys, you stop by the customer service desk and the lost and found is empty, and just like that you have to replace your car keys. Or maybe you left your keys on the counter for just a minute while you put the groceries away, only to find your five-year-old is ninety seconds in to an experiment involving your key fob and the microwave. Panic sets in. You scrape the goo that used to be your key fob off the bottom of the microwave and call the dealership to get a replacement.

Dealerships are asking astronomical prices to replace car keys and keyless entry remotes (fobs). Nearly $500 in some places. We called around to car dealerships across the country and found an average cost for a new key and remote to be about $325. That’s a lot of money. And it’s money you don’t have to spend. You could try a locksmith, that might save you $100. But what if there was a way to save even more?

The Solution: Tom's Key Company Saves You Money

Dealerships and locksmiths can get away with charging those prices because programming key fobs and remotes isn’t as simple as cutting a new key. The fob or remote has to be able to communicate with your car’s computer, if it doesn’t, your fob won’t work you’re left standing out in the cold. This is where Tom’s Key Company comes in.

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Ordering a new key remote off of the internet is relatively inexpensive, but if it’s not coded to work with your car’s computer, it’s useless. So what can you do? Our new system allows you to teach your car’s computer to accept the new key at a fraction of the price of going through a dealership or locksmith. We can’t wait to show you how you can save money by programming your new key or fob through Tom's Key Company!

Get your new key or fob through Tom's Key Company and program it yourself by renting Tom's Car Key Programmer™!

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