How to Get A Honda Accord Key

How to Get A Honda Accord Key

Introduction to Honda Accord spare keys

As a car owner, you're aware of the jolt of panic that strikes when you can't find your keys. It's especially frustrating when you lose your Honda Accord key as they are uniquely programmed for security purposes and losing one is not only an inconvenience but it can also be quite expensive if you don't know the right way to get a new one.

But fret not! I'm here at your service with my expertise in the field of car mechanics and want to help guide you through the process of procuring a new Honda Accord key. 

Sit back, grab your favorite beverage, and read on because navigating this ordeal may just become easier than you thought!

Tom's Key Honda Car Key

Brief overview of the importance of spare keys for car owners

Imagine this. You wake up late on Monday morning and rush out to your garage only to realize that your car keys have mysteriously disappeared. Can anything ruin a day faster? Having a spare key tucked away solves such last-minute panics enabling seamless routine transitions without any hiccups.

Moreover, duplicate keys aren’t just about convenience; they greatly enhance vehicle security. If one gets lost or stolen, there is always immediate access available by using the backup. 

Here comes our beloved 'Honda Accord' into the picture, known exhaustively for its advanced features and reliable functions which include its versatile ‘keyless entry system’.

Introduction to The Honda Accord and Its Keyless Entry System

The coveted Honda Accord offers drivers plenty with its sleek design, uber comfort, and top-notch safety technology – including my favorite feature - the Keyless Entry System. W electronic access flagging off all concerns related to misplaced physical car keys that keep falling into the cracks or getting held up with magnets – entering your precious vehicle has never been so smooth!

Forging ahead into our journey together, fetching that elusive extra copy Honda Accord key. Ready? Let’s dive in!

Description of the Traditional key

Normally, a traditional key has been our companion as we journey day and night. The Honda Accord's traditional silver-metallic component has an authentic old-style charm to it while incorporating modern technology at its best. 

These key functions are two-fold – first, it gives you an account of your vehicle by unlocking doors manually. Quite obviously, then it smoothly glides into ignition preparing the machine for immediate responsive action.

Classic in shape with a sleek layout – my preferred 'Key to Happiness'! However, newer models are transitioning towards keyless entry remotes transforming our experience completely.

Types of Honda Accord Keys

When it comes to the realm of Honda Accord keys, understanding that we have two primary types is essential. These include the traditional keys and keyless entry remotes.

Description of Traditional Key

First on our list is the traditional style of car key everyone's rather familiar with. It has a simple structure: one side wields teeth used for turning locks while at its handle – you'll discover a unique set of grooves and cuts, distinctively imprinted as per each car model.

With the aid of this metal blade, your Honda Accord's doors unlock or lock conveniently, ensuring optimum security during parking periods. More interestingly, it plays an instrumental role in igniting your vehicle – controlling operations within ignition cylinders to set those engines rumbling!

However, remember that while these keys are massively reliable due to their simplicity and effectiveness, they do not include features such as remote controls, which can add an extra layer of convenience.

Description of Keyless Entry Remote

Next up is what I like to call the contemporary powerhouse - The keyless entry remote! Being a more sophisticated form of technology than traditional keys, its main advantage revolves around enabling seamless interaction with your beloved Honda Accord out physical touch.

This digital maestro typically comes in either a key fob format (a handy little device attached to a conventional key) or as an independent device. Features embedded within these creatures include controls for locking/unlocking doors remotely or popping open trunks from distances afar when both hands are busy carrying bags - Yes, convenience to the nines!

Specifically the the Honda Accord, higher models comes equipped with a Smart Entry System allowing engine ignition by pushing buttons right on dashboards! Just ensure that your trustworthy fob stays comfortably within pocket bounds or purse territories!

Whether you wield traditional keys or ruling modern adversaries armed with wireless wonders, there's no denying how integral they are to our daily automotive experiences. However, bear in mind that each type comes with its unique set of considerations when seeking replacements or addressing programming issues - a pressing matter we shall unravel as you journey deeper into the realms of Honda Accord key intricacies!

Tom's Key Honda Accord

In this section, let's tackle the critical topic of how to obtain a spare key for your Honda Accord. Whether you've misplaced your car keys or just want an extra set for emergencies, getting a replacement is not as daunting as it may seem.

To start with, it's important to understand that there are several avenues you can explore when seeking a new Honda Accord key. 

  1. Contacting Your Local Dealership: This is the most straightforward yet often most expensive option. Simply take your vehicle identification number (VIN), proof of ownership, and ID to your local Honda dealership. The pros? You're guaranteed proper functionality right off the bat. However, dealer prices can be prohibitively high.
  2. Professional Locksmith Services: Many auto locksmiths specialize in car key replacement services including transponder keys and FOBs. As they have advanced tools and machinery, they can provide you with a new key on-site.
  3. Online Retailers: If you lose a remote fob or need an additional one, online retailers like Amazon offer much cheaper alternatives compared to dealerships or locksmiths. Please note that some online purchases might still require cutting or programming by professionals.

It's also worth noting that newer models of Hondas use smart keys instead of standard physical keys. These contain chips synced with the car’s ignition system; if these two don’t match, the car doesn't start.

Carefully weigh all these options considering factors such as cost, convenience, and trustworthiness before making your final decision for getting that all-important spare Honda Accord key!

Cutting not required: Key Fob Keyless Entry Remote Shell Cases for Honda Accord

The use of key fobs in cars has gained popularity over the years. It's attributed to the convenience that comes with unlocking your car from a distance and igniting it without necessarily slotting a physical key into the ignition. This, coupled with modern technological advancement in vehicles, has led to a surge in demand for these devices. Among these key fobs is one specifically designed for the Honda Accord series known as "Cutting NOT Required - Key Fob Keyless Entry Remote Shell Case & Pad."

Product Description of Cutting NOT Required Key Fob Keyless Entry Remote Shell Case & Pad fits Honda

What if I told you there exists a remote shell case that provides all the functionality of traditional keys while eliminating the need for cutting? The product goes by the name, "Cutting Not Required -Key Fob Keyless Entry Remote Shell Case & Pad." Here's why it might be what you're scouting for:

This key fob was explicitly developed to serve various models of the Honda Accord manufactured between 2003 to 2012. Its innovation eliminates an often pesky process of getting your new key physically cut by professional locksmiths or specialized car dealerships.

Designed as a replacement case, this product does require your existing cutting blade to fit into its casing perfectly. Thus it essentially revitalizes your worn-out original key into something fresh and sturdy again with zero mechanical modifications needed.

In terms of essential features, this shell case sports a four-button layout analogous to most other standard remotes. You'll find buttons dedicated to the lock mechanism, unlock function, trunk release feature, and panic/alert configuration just like in the original fob.

Aesthetically speaking, this robust yet smooth black plastic durable case fits comfortably over metal keys offering them ample protection whilst providing an ergonomic design better suited for handling than more traditionally structured counterparts.

Last but not least, owing to its easy-to-assemble nature, replacing your worn-out key casing with this new one is a walk in the park. You will be able to easily transfer your old key's electronic components and transponder chip to the new shell without needing mechanical or technical expertise.

Beautifully blending functionality with versatility, "Cutting NOT Required - Key Fob Keyless Entry Remote Shell Case & Pad" is undeniably an innovative solution that you would consider for a Honda Accord key fob replacement. From reducing costs associated with cutting keys to enabling a hands-on approach to maintaining your car's accessories, it undeniably hits the mark.

Keyless Entry Remotes for Honda Accord: Cutting Not Required vs Cutting Required Options

As a Honda Accord owner, you'll find that there are two primary options when it comes to keyless entry remotes: those that require cutting and those that don't. It's worth noting that this distinction is not about the technological mechanism of the remote itself, but pertains to how the physical key attached often to these remote needs to be prepared.

Comparison Between Cutting Not Required Remotes and Cutting Required Remotes

Non-Cutting Keys:

The first kind referred to as "Cutting NOT required" keys or shell, favors convenience over all else. The idea behind these types of keys is hassle-free adoption. They boast pre-cut blades ready for immediate use. You won’t have to hire a locksmith or use any professional machine.

Nonetheless, we should weigh one disadvantage here. These off-the-shelf cut keys may not fit into your vehicle’s lock cylinder on some occasions due to their standardized cuts. Their functionality therefore primarily restricts itself to wireless locking or unlocking without the backup option of using it as a manual key.

Cutting-required Keys:

On a contrary note, opting for "cutting required" keys means an extra step in your journey to utilization. This type would often come with an uncarved blank blade attached which necessitates visiting a reliable locksmith services, so they carve out a corresponding precisely with your car's lock cylinder. 

That said, the advantage shines through emergencies where manual intrusion might take precedence over fancy tech-based solutions or when the battery on your fobs dies down.

To help tip the scales further in favor of the cutting-required keys' case, consider this last piece of information - their cost generally includes both the price of remote functions alongside their traditional usage i.e., as physical carved-out keys making them rather economically appealing despite initial hassle incurred.

In conclusion, a thorough understanding of these can surely aid in making an informed decision. After all, a car key is not just a trivial purchase but an indispensable component to ensure our vehicle's accessibility and security. Be it cutting-required or non-required key fobs, they both serve their unique end purposes thus final choice boils down to one's personal preference, circumstances, and of course budget allowance..

If you're looking for a all-in-one experience in purchasing your new replacement key, look no further! At Tom's Key don't only offer the programmer and key, we also offer our amazing Key By Photo Service.

With the help of our machine learning technology, we only need three photos of your key and voila, our machine creates a code for the unique cut of your key. 

To learn more about this amazing service, you can watch the video below: 

Replacement key fobs for Honda Accord: Compatibility and Programming Considerations

Securely accessing your Honda Accord is crucial, and having an extra key fob provides peace of mind. When purchasing a replacement key fob for your Honda Accord, two essential considerations are compatibility and programming.

Overview of Programming Methods: Self-Programming Vs Professional Programming

Before choosing the right approach to program your new Honda Accord key fob, it's beneficial to understand both self-programming and professional programming aspects.


Also known as "Do It Yourself" or DIY programming, this method can generally save you some costs. However, the 2017 Honda Accord key fob might demand a professional to ensure susceptibility-free performance effectively. This method often requires following detailed instructions provided with your replacement key for the Honda Accord.

A typical self-programming process involves:

  1. Punctual door opening/closing cycles
  2. Turning on and off the ignition switch.
  3. Pressing specific buttons on the remote control
  4. Validating system resets with acoustic signals (like horn beeps)

Professional Programming

While more costly than self-programming, opting for a specialist eliminates potential errors that could occur when doing it yourself—or worse—damage the vehicle's integrated circuits leading to much higher repair costs in the long run.

Therefore, seeking assistance from an automotive locksmith or opting for dealership service might be a better option if you're not comfortable handling electronic components yourself.

Finding the proper programmer and key can be challenging when you're new to the DIY programming process, we've made things easier with a video demonstration that can help you understand more about our programmers and steps needed, simply follow along our video instructions and your new key should be programmed in no time.

Fixing Common Programming Issues

Despite best efforts during programming, there may be occasional issues encountered such as:

  • Unable to sync between remote and car The Door lock button not responding immediately 
  • Difficulty in setting customized settings 

These challenges frequently stem from either incorrect programming steps or battery issues within the replacement device itself; hardly ever does the central locking system create such problems.

Reprogramming procedures commonly solve these glitches but do recheck manual instructions before proceeding.

Troubleshooting Non-Responsive Key Fobs

In conditions where your replacement key fob for the Honda Accord isn't responsive, consider these quick troubleshooting tips:

  • Ensure the remote battery is fresh and inserted correctly.
  • Check that all buttons on the remote have physical contact with the circuit board inside.
  • Always follow programming instructions accurately to sync the new key fob to your vehicle. 

Remember, if you continue to experience issues after attempting DIY repairs or facing problems during self-programming, it's highly recommended to consult a professional automotive locksmith or dealership service center expert.

Common Issues with Honda Accord Spare Keys and Troubleshooting Tips

As a car owner, it's important to be aware of potential challenges that may arise in your quest for perfect vehicle operation. So let's delve into some common concerns related to the Honda Accord spare keys and how best to rectify such problems.

Key Will Not Turn

In certain situations, the key might fail to turn in the ignition. Normally, this can be attributed to problems within the mechanism itself rather than an issue with your key. However, if you suspect your spare key is at fault, try using your usual key before rushing to any conclusions or expenses.

The Transponder Chip Isn't Communicating

Honda Accord keys are usually fitted with transponder chips ‒ micro tools that relay necessary information to start your car. If communication breaks down between this chip and the system, engine ignition becomes a problem.

Fortunately, this issue can often be fixed by reprogramming the transponder chip. This process essentially syncs the chip with its corresponding system in your car, allowing everything to function as expected once more.

While many people opt for professional services during reprogramming due to the technical nature of the process, you can also follow DIY procedures outlined in user manuals or specific online guides available.

Reduced Range of Remote Operation

Your remote will have an optimal range at which it operates efficiently; beyond this distance, response dwindles until it doesn't work entirely. If you notice that you have to get closer than usual before you get a reaction from your remote-locking system (assuming there are no physical obstacles hindering signal transmission), then chances are high that something isn’t right.

More often than not, range reduction boils down to battery power depletion. Replacing batteries on most remotes is quite straightforward and should solve this problem whenever it arises. It's advisable to always have spare batteries around just for these occasions.

Remember that these solutions offer general guidance and in some cases, underlying issues might prove more complex hence warranting expert intervention. Always consult with a professional in such scenarios to avoid causing further harm to your key or vehicle.


Understanding the world of Honda Accord keys can be a bit of a maze but fear not. This section aims to answer some of the most frequent queries posed by perplexed car owners. Specifically, I'll delve into how one programs a spare key for a Honda Accord, obtaining another key from Tom's Key Company, and finally, if it’s truly necessary to splurge hefty sums at dealerships for mere spare keys.

How do you program a spare key on a Honda Accord?

Starting us off is the question concerning programming your own Honda Accord key. While this may seem like an immensity initially and intimidating even for those without technical prowess, believe me when I say - it isn't.

One quick method involves inserting your functional original key in your ignition and turning it to the 'On' position (but don't start up). Wait until you hear two clicks.

Next up:

  1. Remove the first key and insert your intended new/spare key.
  2. Rotate it back to ‘Off’, then back to ‘On’ swiftly (within 5 seconds), hearing another pair of clicks.
  3. Repeat Step 2 with each additional key you want to program; just ensure every swap is within that tight window.

Voila! A successfully programmed spare key for your Honda Accord!

How do I get another key for my Honda Accord from Tom's Key Company?

Another popular concern revolves around getting another essential piece i.e., the key, from Tom's Key Company precisely.

Tom’s specializes in providing keys and fobs as well as terrific customer service. You simply need to visit their website or physical store:

  1. Provide details about your car model.
  2. Choose the type of device you need whether a traditional or remote-style fob.
  3. They’ll guide you through payment choices before sending it out promptly.

You’ll find their pricing competitive compared to other options with no compromise over quality!

Must I go spend an arm and a leg at the dealership for a spare key?

Finally, it's that contentious question! You’d like to avoid those sticker-shocking prices dealers often charge for a new or replacement Honda Accord key.

The candid answer is – not. Although resorting to a dealership may seem most convenient or reliable, you have various cheaper alternatives at your disposal.

Tom’s Key Company, as previously mentioned, is just one excellent alternative source of affordable keys and fobs. Moreover, professional locksmiths can be another feasible option since they offer customizable services. So yes, there are ways around breaking your budget on car keys!

In a nutshell? It's empowering to become well-versed in your vehicle necessities!

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