How to Get A Volkswagen Spare Key

How to Get A Volkswagen Spare Key


Do you remember that last panicked rush when you misplaced your car key? Well, finding yourself locked out of your gleaming Volkswagen is nobody's dream scenario. Mastering the art of obtaining a spare key for your precious automobile can be intimidating, shining with terms like 'transponder' or 'keyless entry system'. But fear not! I'm here to simplify and unravel this mystery for you. I promise that by the end of this guide on how to get a Volkswagen spare key, you’ll be equipped with knowledge as bright as your ride!

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Understanding the Importance of Spare Keys for Volkswagen Vehicles

Modern life has an uncanny knack for being unexpected and unpredictable. So why leave something as crucial as car access to chance? Let's chat about exactly why having a spare key for your Volkswagen vehicle is worthy of planning.

Introduction to the topic

A spare Volkswagen key isn't a luxury; it's often an unsung hero saving us from sticky situations. And no, we're not just speaking about losing keys during evening jogs (though it does help in those scenarios). 

Unsurprisingly, spare keys have more applications than contingencies. From enabling multiple users without sharing primary keys to serving as swift solutions during lockouts - the humble little piece has proven its might repeatedly.

Explanation of the purpose and significance of spare keys for Volkswagen vehicles

Spare car keys play more roles than just offering backup access. They serve underappreciated purposes in our driving lives: think valet parking, simplifying maintenance visits, or granting family members access without handing them our main sets — critical features, wouldn’t you agree?

Let's delve deeper into some common instances where these nifty alternatives prove their worth.

Common scenarios where spare keys are needed

  1. Family usage: Have several drivers using one Volkswagen? No worries - a spare will grant flexibility without risking your primary key.
  2. Lost keys: The common 'misplaced key panic' is almost a rite of car ownership passage. During such nerve-racking events, a spare key swiftly resolves the anxiety.
  3. Vehicle maintenance or servicing: Handing in your car for service? Instead of parting with the main set, use a spare to store comfort and control within arm's reach.

It appears that procuring a Volkswagen spare key encapsulates convenience. Now, let's unveil the different styles they are available in.

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Types of Volkswagen Keys and Key Fobs

We'll now delve into the various types of keys that Volkswagen produces. From traditional mechanical keys to advanced keyless fob systems, I'll walk you through their unique features and functionalities.

Traditional keys and their features

Overview of traditional keys used in older Volkswagen models

Traditional VW keys are generally found in older models, particularly those manufactured before the late 90s. This kind of key is a simple piece of metal cut with a unique pattern that matches the lock—quite straightforward but highly effective for its time.

Key design, material, and functionality

Made from sturdy, durable metals such as brass or nickel-silver alloy, these conventional VW keys were designed to withstand daily usage. The grooves on the key shaft, also known as bitting, correspond to pins inside the car's lock mechanism. When inserted correctly, these grooves allow the pins to align perfectly thus permitting rotation unlocking your treasured Volkswagen automobile.

Transponder keys and their benefits

Next came transponder keys which brought an extra level of protection for our vehicles.

Explanation of transponder technology in Volkswagen OEM key fobs

Transponder keys integrate this chip within your VW key fob—a small device emitting signals read by a specific receiver installed in your car ignition system. First introduced in Volkswagen vehicles around 1995, these high-security automotive keys contain a microchip implanted into the head of the key.

How transponder keys enhance vehicle security

When turned in the ignition cylinder, this microchip communicates a specific code matched against your car’s computer database (ECU) to authorize ignition operation. If there's no match—or if there's any tampering detected—the engine remains immobilized. This feature has significantly limited cases of auto theft since it requires both physical VW key fob presence and correct serial identification—a commendable leap forward from just needing a correctly ribbed metal trinket!

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Smart keys and advanced keyless entry systems

The rapid technological advancement in the automotive industry gave way to another groundbreaking invention: smart keys.

Overview of smart key technology in modern Volkswagen vehicles

Volkswagen, like most prominent automakers, incorporated smart keys into their repertoire. These 'valet key Volkswagen' as they are often referred to, integrate radio frequency identification (RFID) capable of passively starting your vehicle—an innovation that redefines car accessibility standards.

Features and convenience offered by smart key systems

Smart VW key fobs offer unprecedented levels of convenience and usability. Imagine walking up to your car with bags of groceries only needing a button press on your OEM VW key fob for all doors to unlock! Even better, you can start the engine without taking out or inserting any valet key—Volkswagen. With features such as remote locking/unlocking, engine ignition, and even personalized settings for seats or mirrors that recognize specific replacement Volkswagen key fobs, it's fair to say these innovations have redefined motorized personal locomotion's future landscape.

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Advantages of Having a Spare Key for Your Volkswagen Vehicle

Ownership of a spare key provides essential benefits, such as enhancing security and offering increased convenience for your Volkswagen vehicle. Let's delve into these advantages in more detail.

Increased Convenience and Accessibility

Examples of Situations Where a Spare Key Can Be Handy

The utility of owning a VW spare key goes beyond just preparing for incidences where you lose your primary key. It facilitates various day-to-day situations; it can be handed over to valet parking attendants or mechanics without the fear of parting with your only car key. Or, it comes in handy while sharing driving responsibilities on long trips or within households, eliminating the need to swap keys continually.

How Owning a Spare Key Simplifies Everyday Life with Your Volkswagen Vehicle

Having an extra VW key affords convenience that simplifies life significantly. For instance, if you're someone who frequently misplaces items around the house, knowing there's another option at hand can save precious time hunting down your misplaced keys when you’re late for work. Similarly, keeping an additional key at home ensures that even if your main set is accidentally locked inside the car, you won't have to face any long delays.

Enhanced Security and Peace of Mind

Importance of Having Backup In Case Of Lost Or Stolen Keys

It's unfortunate but true: we all distract easily and may lose track of our things occasionally. When it comes to something as crucial as car keys, having backups saves from what could be stressful circumstances if lost or stolen. Furthermore, if you realize quickly enough that your original Volkswagen keys are missing permanently, equipping yourself with a spare allows sufficient time to reprogram all locks and codes related to your VW vehicle.

How Spare Keys Contribute To Vehicle Safety

A spare VW key isn't just about comfort — it also contributes to enhanced safety measures for the vulnerable moments when your primary key fails to operate or gets lost. When stranded in a remote place, for example, having an additional key access can be a lifesaver. Additionally, some newer Volkswagen models offer safety features like locking the wheel should an incorrect key be used continually - a feature that makes it paramount for original VW owners always to have an authorized spare key at their disposal. 

In essence, owning a spare Volkswagen key is less about 'extra' and more about essential preparedness – enabling convenience while bolstering security. Remember, being equipped isn't just about solving problems; it's about anticipating possibilities.

Finding the Right Spare Key for Your Volkswagen Vehicle

In your journey to procure a spare key, you'll encounter two primary categories: OEM and aftermarket keys. The choice between OEM or aftermarket goes beyond just having an extra key; it ties into aspects as crucial as compatibility, functionality, consistency, and even long-term costs.

OEM vs Aftermarket Spare Keys

Explanation of Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) Keys

Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) keys are produced directly by Volkswagen or its authorized manufacturers. These keys bear the crest of reliability because they're designed using the same specifications as your original VW key. Whether you need a replacement key for a VW Tiguan or another model, count on OEM keys for assured compatibility and quality performance over time. They maintain optimal communication with the car's security system, reducing the possibility of ignition glitches.

Aftermarket Spare Keys: Options and Considerations

Aftermarket spare keys come from sources other than official automakers. In comparison to their branded counterparts, these keys offer a broader variety and lower price points—a hit among cost-conscious folks who seek functional replacements like a Volkswagen key fob replacement without breaking the bank. Although these might be inexpensive initially, one has to consider future costs that may arise due to sub-standard materials being used in their production which could lead to frequent repairs or replacements. Always validate an aftermarket manufacturer’s reputation before committing.

Factors To Consider When Choosing A Supplier Or Retailer

Getting a spare will boil down to various factors revolving around preferred suppliers or retailers—both dealerships and locksmiths included.

Price Comparison, Warranties And Customer Reviews

Buying decisions should not be purely driven by cost comparisons like finding out the Volkswagen key fob replacement cost versus replacement VW key fob cost from different sources. Warranty policies should also come into play—an assurance if things go awry with your newly acquired resource. Dig into the supplier’s reputation, too. Prioritize those that have accumulated positive customer reviews for their quality products and professional services.

Ensuring The Compatibility Of The Spare Key With Your Vehicle

After you've mulled over suppliers, the remaining hurdle is ensuring key-vehicle compatibility—the last thing you want is a mismatch! A compatible spare key not only fits into your vehicle's ignition but communicates seamlessly with its system, just like an OEM VW key fob would in higher-end VW models. Information derived from your car’s VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) will guide whether a specific offered key will be compatible with your Volkswagen brand and model.

Coming prepared before making this paramount buying decision can save you future frustrations often attributed to rushed, uninformed decisions. After all, driving should always be more about enjoying the open road rather than worrying about misplaced keys!

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Getting a Spare Key Programmed for Your Volkswagen Vehicle

When it comes to getting your Volkswagen's spare key programmed, understanding the process can save you from potential headaches. For starters, you must be aware of the different programming processes involved for distinct types of keys.

Overview of the Programming Process for Different Types of Volkswagen Keys

Traditional metal-cut keys require a minimalistic procedure where the new key is physically cut to match your vehicle's door lock and ignition switch apparatus. This generally involves using a unique keycode associated with your Volkswagen model.

On the other hand, Transponder keys and Smart keys involve an additional layer of technology and sophistication. They employ electromagnetic transmitters-receivers (for Transponders) or Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) systems (for Smart Keys). The task here transcends mere physical compatibility. It now necessitates programming the chip inside the key to sync flawlessly with your vehicle's onboard computer system. As such, procedures vary considerably across models and technologies.

DIY Programming Methods for Certain Volkswagen Models

DIY methods may be applicable in some scenarios. These largely depend on whether your particular model allows for self-programming without resorting to specialized machinery or detailed automobile knowledge. A few older models might allow users to initiate a synchronizing sequence following prescribed protocols.

Steps and Tools Required for Self-Programming a Spare Key

If we consider transponder-based keys eligible for DIY programming, here are broad strokes:

  1. Start by inserting an original key into the ignition.
  2. Turn it anticlockwise until you hear two clicks.
  3. Using another fully functional original key, unlock and then lock the vehicle manually.
  4. Go back to step one; this time turning only one click to remove the first key.
  5. Insert delete unprogrammed spare key promptly within 15 seconds. 6.. Turn clockwise twice till dashboard lights come up – signaling successful syncing
  6. Remove the new key and test it by starting your vehicle.

Remember that this is a minimized explanation. It's better to follow an accurate guide for a specific Volkswagen model.

Limitations and Considerations When Attempting DIY Programming

Venturing into DIY programming may present several considerations. Firstly, not all models or key types permit self-programming. Transponder keys usually require specialized equipment to program dynamically changing codes – beyond most owner’s capabilities.

Then there’s the ever-present risk of inadvertently triggering your car's immobilizer system if you don’t manage to sync correctly within the specified time frame. Lastly, incorrect handling can damage sensitive internal components resulting in higher VW key programming costs escalating way beyond just purchasing a professionally programmed spare key. +It's essential to weigh up these factors astutely before opting for a DIY route for the replacement car key Volkswagen owners may need at any point in time. But with practical knowledge on hand, you can certainly contribute towards securing your journey against unforeseen circumstances related to Volkswagen car keys loss or malfunction.

We've created a video for our customers showing them how they can program a new spare key for your Volkswagen. 

Maintaining and Protecting Your Volkswagen Spare Keys

Having a spare key on hand is one step to ensuring your Volkswagen's accessibility, but it's vital that you also take measures to maintain and protect those keys. Storing them at home is the most common practice for many car owners, but it requires equal diligence—as much as when you carry them with you.

Storing and Safeguarding Spare Keys At Home

Often overlooked, proper storage of your spare keys can contribute significantly not only to their preservation but also to preventing unfortunate situations like loss or theft.

Key Storage Options: Pros and Cons (Lockboxes, Safes, etc.)

When talking about storing keys at home, several options come to mind. Let's explore some of the most popular ones:

  1. Basic drawer: This may seem the simplest solution—just toss the key in a drawer and be done with it! However, this method has its pitfalls—keys might get lost among other items or accidentally thrown away. It also presents an easy target if someone breaks into your house.
  2. Lockbox: A lockbox offers increased security through its locking mechanism—you're protected from both accidental losses inside the house and potential intruders. Remember though that while lockboxes can provide substantial protection, they are not entirely burglar-proof.
  3. Safes: For maximum protection level against theft, consider using a home safe for storing your spare keys along with other valuables. Modern safes often boast fire resistance features making them effective even under extreme circumstances like fires.
  4. Hide-a-key boxes: These magnetic cases allow you to hide your key outside your house—underneath a mailbox or behind some bushes—for convenience when locked out. Yet this could easily turn disastrous if discovered by burglars.

In conclusion, each storage option has merits and drawbacks intertwined with personal factors such as lifestyle habits and home setup dynamics. Therefore, successfully maintaining and protecting your Volkswagen spare keys not only depends on careful storage decisions but also on conscious everyday practices. With these strategies in place, you're one step closer to a well-prepared and worry-free driving experience with your beloved Volkswagen.


How much does a Volkswagen spare key cost if you go to a locksmith or dealership?

The actual cost of your Volkswagen spare key is influenced by various factors - whether the key simply opens the car door or also ignites the engine, its complexity, and its specific model. 

For instance, purchasing a base-level traditional key will typically cost less compared to transponder keys or smart keys that are more technologically advanced. A trip to a local locksmith might see you part with approximately $50-$100 for an uncomplicated spare key. 

However, should your vehicle require a transponder key or smart key, anticipate costs escalating from $200 up to about $400 especially if you approach an official Volkswagen dealership where prices tend to be higher. Remember though that quotes may vary based on geographical location and individual dealerships.

I lost my only VW Key; what is the best way to replace it?

If you find yourself in an unlucky situation of losing your only VW key, don't panic just yet. There are multiple routes available to rectify this issue.

  1. Dealership: You can directly engage with the Volkswagen dealership from which you purchased your car. While they offer reliable and professional services, bear in mind their charges are usually heftier.
  2. Locksmith: Opting for a certified automotive locksmith presents another viable option. Most modern locksmiths possess technical skills not just to cut new keys but to program them as well.
  3. Online Purchase: Numerous online platforms sell OEM and aftermarket replacement keys at fairly competitive prices.

In all scenarios, ensure you have proof of ownership at hand as it's routinely required.

Where can I get a key made for a 2007 Volkswagen Jetta?

Getting a replacement or spare key for your 2007 Volkswagen Jetta shouldn’t pose any challenges given the range of resources available:

  • Automotive Locksmith: Partnering with a certified automotive locksmith would present you with expert services at an affordable rate.
  • Volkswagen Dealership: Contacting your local dealership is another avenue, albeit more on the pricier end as they offer exclusive Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) keys.
  • Online Retailers: Lastly, plenty of reliable online retailers specialize in car key replacements with a variety of options to suit different budgets.

As always remember that while looking for less costly options, don't compromise quality and compatibility. It's essential to get a key that fully caters to your vehicle's needs.

To find the best options for your Volkswagen, you can see the list of vehicles we support.

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