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Get up to 80% off dealers

Save $100s when you get a spare from Tom’s

How can that be true? When you go to the dealership for a spare key, you’re paying for everything from the phone call to James’ commission bonus.

With Tom’s, just pay for your key or fob, your programmer, and if you want, our Key by Photo service. Plus, get up to 80% off dealership prices.

Best Price Available

Get up to 80% off your spare key or remote fob

Fast and Easy

Program your spare key 
in less than 15 minutes

Buy Online, Ships to You

Skip the dealership —Tom’s 
ships straight to your door

Who can use Tom’s Key?

For the person who needs a spare key...but not dealership rip-off prices


Who can use Tom’s Key?

For the small business 
owner with a fleet of cars


Who can use Tom’s Key?

For the parents with a teenage driver


Who can use Tom’s Key?

For the busy mom that needs a quick solution

Guaranteed working keys and fobs or your money back.

Add Key-by-Photo to your order and we’ll ship your key pre-cut for your vehicle.


Couldn’t be easier

“This couldn’t be easier. I received an OEM key fob and was able to program it in 5 minutes. Tom’s makes it very easy to return the programmer, and I got my security deposit back in 5 days. I will recommended Tom’s to everyone I know!”

- Luke M.

Tom’s Key was fantastic

“Helped me program 2 spare keys for my Toyota 4Runner. Instructions were good, easy to mail equipment back to them, 
and I saved a lot of money compared to 
a locksmith or dealership.”

- Todd S.

Tom’s Key lives up to the hype!

“I ordered a spare key, FOB, and programmer along with their Key by Photo service for my 2016 Chevy Silverado. It was so easy! It took me less than 3 minutes.

Tom’s Key Company saved me $320 and 
3 hours of my time”

- Whit J.

Tom’s Key Company

  • No appointment needed
  • Order online — all you need is a photo of your key
  • Quick and easy process — Get up to 80% off dealer prices
  • DIY programming in under 15 minutes

The Dealership

  • Need an appointment
  • Go out of your way to drive to the dealership
  • Long wait times — Excessive expenses
  • Paying for service you can do yourself

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