How To Program Volkswagen Keys and Remotes

Order the Simple Key™ programmer and program Volkswagen smart car key fobs yourself in 15 minutes! 

Amazingly Easy: 

1) Connect the Simple Key™ programmer to your vehicle to start the pairing process.    
2) Follow the step by step instructions to program your new key or fob to start your vehicle.
3) Optional: cut the emergency access key blade at a hardware store, locksmith, or car dealership.  (Recommended in case the vehicle or fob battery dies.)

Satisfaction guaranteed or your money back.

 **The Simple Key Programming kits (CDFO-E3Z0SK, CDFO-E4TZ0SK, CDFO-E7RHZ0SK) can be use to a Push-Start vehicle. But, NONE of the Proximity Feature will work. (Email us at for more info.)

Important: You must have one working key to use this programmer to make a spare key.

Click for demonstration video (opens a new window)


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