Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep and Volkswagen Simple Key Programmer for Smart Key Fob (CDFO-E7RHZ0SK-KIT)

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➤➤➤ Key By Photo™ service available.  Order during checkout & the key blade will be cut for your vehicle before it ships! ➤➤➤

This Simple Key programmer is guaranteed to program smart key fob remotes for select Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep, and Volkswagen vehicles. Easy-to-follow instructions guide you through each step of the process.  No risk - if it does not work for your vehicle, simply return it for your full money-back guarantee.

➤➤➤Important: You MUST have at least one working key FOB to use the EZ Installer™ (programmer) to make a new spare key FOB for your vehicle. ships! ➤➤➤ Lost all your keys? Get help here


**This Simple Key Programming Kit will not programmed the non-proximity key fob to make the push-to-start button functional.



  • Easy to use.
  • The programmer kit includes 1 smart key fob (if you need to order additional keys or remotes, do so from the correct page for your vehicle).
  • FREE shipping when your order Simple Key Programming Kit
  • Program up to 8 key fob remotes for your vehicle. 
    • Purchase additional keys separately for your vehicle.
  • Amazingly easy:
    1. Connect the Simple Key™ programmer to your vehicle to start the pairing process. 
    2. Follow the step by step instructions to program the smart key fob to start your vehicle.
    3. Recommended: Our Key By Photo service will make it easy to cut the emergency access key blade. Or drive around town and look for someone to cut the key.  (In case the battery in your vehicle or fob dies.)
  • Program keys and remote fob buttons for select Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep,
  • and Volkswagen models.  See the full list below.
  • Full Money Back Guarantee if it does not successfully program key fobs purchased from Tom's Key Company for compatible vehicles.
  • The Simple Key Programming kit (CDFO-E7RHZ0SK) can be used for a Push-Start vehicle. But, NONE of the Proximity Feature will work.
  • Programming Instructions
  • Video demonstrating step by step instructions
  • Only original remote button features will work - this can not add features that were not included originally (e.g. if your vehicle came with a 4 button fob originally, the same 4 buttons will work on your new key fob, even if you purchase a 5 button version). 
  • Note: programmer will be linked to vehicle VIN upon use.  After this, it can not be used to program keys for a different vehicle.  Up to 8 keys can be programmed to your vehicle.

Compatible Vehicles:

Chrysler 300 2008-2010

Town & Country 2008-2016

Challenger 2008-2014

Charger 2008-2010
Dart 2013-2016
Durango 2011-2013
Grand Caravan 2008-2019
Journey 2009-2010
Magnum 2008
Ram 2009-2017

Commander 2008-2010

Grand Cherokee 2009-2010

Routan 2009-2014

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