Key By Photo™ Service: Standard "Edge Cut" Keys
Key By Photo™ Service: Standard "Edge Cut" Keys
Key By Photo™ Service: Standard "Edge Cut" Keys
Key By Photo™ Service: Standard "Edge Cut" Keys
Key By Photo™ Service: Standard "Edge Cut" Keys
Key By Photo™ Service: Standard "Edge Cut" Keys

Key By Photo™ Service: Standard "Edge Cut" Keys

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The Key By Photo™ service from Tom’s Key Company takes the hassle out of finding someone to cut your car key blade.  It arrives cut for your vehicle and ready to be programmed.  Amazing, isn’t it?

How it works:

  1. Add to your order per key. 
  2. After checkout, upload 3 photos of your existing key.
  3. The magic of the Key By Photo™ service happens and Tom’s Key Company cuts the new key(s) for your vehicle.
  4. Your order arrives with key(s) that fit your vehicle and programming equipment.
    Note: key(s) and programmer should be ordered separately. This does not include a "KEY".
  5. Complete the easy do-it-yourself programming procedure in about 15 minutes. Note: One original working key is required to program new keys.

Easy peasy! 

Frequently Asked Questions: 

  • How long does it take? 
    • Allow 2-5 business days for our Key By Photo™ service to cut your key followed by a few days for shipping.
  • What if the cut key does not fit when it arrives?
    • In the rare instance that it doesn’t work, please send side-by-side photos of your existing key and the new key to  We’ll get it right or refund your money.
  • How do I upload photos?
    • Follow the link on the check page to upload 3 photos of your key and indicate the year/make/model of your vehicle.
  • Any special photo requirements?
    • The upload page provides examples of good photos. Your key must be removed from the keyring and sit flat. Take photos from directly above that show the key blade cuts.
  • Can someone steal my car?
    • No. Modern car keys require programming to be paired to your vehicle or it will not start. An existing working key is required to program a new key, so someone already has your working key. Furthermore, photos must meet strict guidelines making it difficult for someone to casually or discreetly take a photo of your key blade. 
  • Do you cut house keys?
    • No.
  • Do I need a locksmith or car dealership to program the key?
    • Tom’s Key Company provides easy do-it-yourself car key programming solutions. Modern car keys must be paired to your vehicle before they can start the car. Order the appropriate programming equipment for your vehicle along with your key(s).
  • I already purchased a key, can you cut it for me?
  • Can you cut all the car keys?
    • We offer the Key By Photo™ service for all keys sold on our website - both standard “edge cut” keys and high security “laser cut” keys.

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