3 Button Honda Key w/ Remote Fob Repair Kit w/ Key By Photo Cutting Service (HON-REPAIR-DS-81)

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Money Back Guarantee Money Back Guarantee

Tom’s guarantees new working keys for your vehicle or you get your money back.

Your original Honda key was not designed for yoga, so over time the twisting and bending of your key can loosen or break the blade from the remote fob head. In most cases, the buttons still work, but the key is falling apart.

If this is your situation, order our Honda and Acura Repair kit now (and maybe take your keys out of your pocket when practicing yoga)! It includes a rugged Durashell replacement key shell with a newly cut key, but no internal electronics since yours are still working. Your fresh key blade will be precision-cut to match your vehicle using our innovative Key By Photo™ technology prior to shipping. All that's left to do is transfer the internals (electronics) from your existing key into the new one, and your Honda car key will be restored to its former glory.


  • 3 Button key shell for Honda with blade cut by Tom's Key Company to fit your vehicle
  • Hollow fob casing head and cut key blade ONLY (no buttons, circuitry, or transponder chip - transfer your existing key's electronic components)
  • Room within for optional chip
  • Replacement for original Honda keys with remote FCC ID: OUCG8D-380H-A, CWTWB1U545, CWTWBIU545, MLBHLIK-1T, N5F-S0084A

Questions? Email help@tomskey.com for help from our AMAZING customer service team!

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