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5 Button Chrysler Dodge VW Smart Key Fob (IYZC01C-5B-DD-FOB)

5 Button Chrysler Dodge VW Smart Key Fob (IYZC01C-5B-DD-FOB)

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This keyless entry remote fob can be programmed with the Simple Key Programmer (sold separately).  Buy this if you need more key fobs than the one that is included in the Simple Key Programmer kit.

Compatible Vehicles:
Town & Country 2008-2016

Grand Caravan 2008-2019

Routan 2009-2014


  • Brand new smart key fob with 5 button remote key less entry for select Chrysler, Dodge, and Volkswagen vehicles. 
  • Smart fob can easily be programmed by purchasing the Chrysler, Dodge and Jeep Simple Key Programmer for Smart Key Fob (CDFO-E3Z0SK)
  •  6 button remote key fob (fobik) with Lock, Unlock, Panic, Left Sliding Door, Right Sliding Door. 
    •  Only original remote button features will work. This key fob does not add features to your vehicle.
  • The included emergency key blade should be cut after programming. Cut at your local locksmith, hardware store, dealership, or other key cutting retailers.
    • Tom's Key Company strongly recommends cutting the emergency key in case your vehicle or the remote battery dies.
  • Key does NOT have a logo
  • Replacement for FCC ID: M3N5WY783X, IYZ-C01C
  • Full money-back guarantee if it does not work for vehicles listed on this product page.
  • Works on "turn start" ignition. Will NOT work on vehicles with a push button start ignition.
  • Replacement for part numbers: 05026315AC, 68040590AA, 05026457AF, 05026792AA, 05026886AI, 68052065AA, 68052065AB, 68066858AA, 68079585AA, 68130639AA, 05026886AD, 05026886AF, 05026886AG, 68044059AA, 68044076AA, 05026315AB, 05026315AC, 05026886AH, 05026886AJ, 05026315AA, 68044059AB, 68044059AC, 05026886AK




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