Order Key By Photo™ Service: Key Arrives Cut to Fit Your Vehicle

4 Button Dodge & Jeep FOBIK (IYZC01C-4B-RS-FOB)
4 Button Dodge & Jeep FOBIK (IYZC01C-4B-RS-FOB)

4 Button Dodge & Jeep FOBIK (IYZC01C-4B-RS-FOB)

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➤➤➤ Key By Photo™ service available.  Order during checkout & the key blade will be cut for your vehicle before it ships! ➤➤➤

EZ Installer™ Programmer is guaranteed to program this key for the following vehicle:

Dodge Journey 2008

Jeep Grand Cherokee 2008

Jeep Grand Cherokee 2011-2013



  • Brand new key FOB (FOBIK) with 4-button remote keyless entry for select Dodge & Jeep, vehicles.
  • Can easily be programmed by renting EZ Installer™ Programmer
  • 4-button remote key fob (FOBIK) with Lock, Unlock, Panic, and Remote Start. 
    •  Only original remote button features will work. This key fob does not add features to your vehicle.
  • The included emergency key blade should be cut. Our Key By Photo™ service can save you the hassle of looking for a locksmith to cut the key.
    • Tom's Key Company strongly recommends cutting the emergency key in case your vehicle or the remote battery dies.
  • Key does NOT have a logo
  • Replacement for FCC ID: M3N5WY783X, IYZ-C01C
  • Full money-back guarantee if it does not work for vehicles listed on this product page.
  • Replacement for part numbers: 05026315AC, 68040590AA, 05026457AF, 05026792AA, 05026886AI, 68052065AA, 68052065AB, 68066858AA, 68079585AA, 68130639AA, 05026886AD, 05026886AF, 05026886AG, 68044059AA, 68044076AA, 05026315AB, 05026315AC, 05026886AH, 05026886AJ, 05026315AA, 68044059AB, 68044059AC, 05026886AK
  • Works on "turn start" ignition. Will NOT work on vehicles with a push-button start ignition.
  • FOBIK does NOT have a proximity function

 Questions?  Email help@tomskey.com for help from our AMAZING customer service team!

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